Tuesday, April 18

obolworld : the pleasures of inventive fingers

easter morning eo29th, k'gh FURTHER EMAILS OF THE LIVING CHRIST

1. my main message this easter, in my role of guide & teacher of my
species - and for one year, i acknowledge no other role - must be : "at
easter we celebrate our own transformation - or possibility of
transformation at any moment - into christ reborn in us, all of us, a
species transformed, behaving appropriately - paradisally - in this
particular planetary paradise in which we re-discover our soul, one &
all - truly sapient at last: PLANET ASPHODEL".

2. the liberation of mind and limb: - but among the infinite delights
we re-discover with our soul is the "pleasure of inventive fingers" - a
possibility our species has like no other - recently almost lost in our
slavery to machinery and bureaucracy. long life is not fulfilment for
individual, group or species, a full and ever-enjoyable life is : the
"life more abundant" promised by jesus in the gospel story - and witnessed by
me in the Trobriands : not a mystic state, an everyday reality.

3. spontaneous participation in sacramental acts - like tasting the ear
of today's (chocolate) easter bunny - is what makes us human. all eating
is of this order : the cycle of (re)generative life is the miracle, and our
intelligence, our intelligent participation the binding sacrament:
every act an act of love.

o-oo and all "positive" symbols


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