Wednesday, April 12

Fw: asians coming, game up ?

reply to article in today's irish independent p.19 , "the asians are
coming", by richard curran
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Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 11:47 AM
Subject: asians coming, gamu up ?

yes, it was obvious long ago, but ireland got a brief fling at the
end of the 500 years of western hegemony. over soon. then we shan't "deal with" the asian giants, they will absorb us. unless a new deal is invented, we can hardly expect mercy. i have long thought we in the west should rest on our laurels, beg understanding for our crimes - offer them our countries , suggesting they will do best to pension us off, as the wonderful and terrible lot who broke the barriers between the living species on this planet , reacting to sense impressions, and the incredible complexity of sub-atomic structure that underlies it all. maybe i don't put it sufficiently well for you to grasp...i'm sorry....but not only do we now as a species have a global intercom system invented by westerners, but also we have an amazing understanding of how the show is put on ...also invented by westerners. these 2 factors change everything. but we in the west are played out. the asians inherit our world , and are full of energy and enterprise, fresh in this respect. give it them, and they will make a good job of it, with our wise but non-coercive counsel .: the old lot.


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