Wednesday, April 19


the risk of death/injury on the roads is the price risk-takers pay for their
life of risk. non-risk-takers may not understand this :
forbidding/penalising a life of risk on the roads only raises the stakes,
improves the game. all developed sports have their rules, playing at
full throttle is life on the roads for many young men, in particular.

reduce the traffic, relax the rules, and the roads will regain their
quiet, as some 35 years ago when alma and i came to ireland. that's
the obolworld solution. repossess time, never sell it again, die rather.
obol even as we hear the declaration of 1916, claiming to possess the
island, read out on tv, i declare the irish republic dead and gone, a
thing of a few decades, in slavery to mammon, r.i.p. obolworld is
the world i live in, and invite othes to join. hugh sacker ,
knockandarragh, donard, co wicklow 045 404049


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