Friday, April 21

common knowledge

dearest littly,

I've now spent some 28 years in the wonderful company of family and friends
who know about my messianic pretensions - each having perhaps believed for
a time, once, or even twice in some cases - but agree never voluntarily
to encourage them : we meet largely on the world's terms, with me having
a special interest , my pen and my head recording and storing my account
of it all.

after this coming 3rd may - (if as i expect but many still do not, the
Pageant does get publicity then, or if not, whenever it does ) - i hope
to enjoy for 12 months the company of supporters and initiates with
regular, almost constant visits from and to innocents and others, meetings
of any and every sort, but without physical violence - (absolutely taboo
in obolworld ) - , people randomly checking me out, personally. a
round-the-world trip - then a changed world, the "answers now to be
found in my writings and my head "common knowledge" , included in
everyone's personal reckoning, from this point, when the species comes
together, UNITES in peace and concord, as spelt out 28+ years long yours truly, your old friend, and indeed in the best
sense lover hugh aka OBOL


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