Wednesday, April 19

public statement


i fight inequality from the bottom end....interpreting the evidence to
suppose it might be up to me to lead my fellows into our perfected stage,
some 28 years ago i reduced all my credits and debts to zero, amd resolved
never again to work for money (regarded , surely correctly, as essentially
dis-equalising). i formally RENOUNCED ALLEGIANCE TO ALL COERCIVE
GOVERNMENTS OF ANY KIND ANYWHERE, AND SET ABOUT THE DIFFICULT TASK OF SPREADING MY IDEAS WHILE CARING FOR A YOUNG FAMILY IN A DILAPIDATED FARMHOUSE IN WEST WICKLOW. the subsequent story is apparently of no interest to my contemporaries (more and more in money's grip with every day that passes), but for the sake of posterity i have kept what records i could, making my house a museum. my case is scheduled once again to come up before the district court in baltinglass wednesday 3rd may 11.30 am. as usual it is not because i kept quiet that interest is so far small. i welcome emails and visitors.


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