Wednesday, April 19

global systemic change : a peaceful revolution

the actual change-over to peace on earth will be totally "laid-back" when it
comes (3rd may ?).
people are brain-washed to fear a terrible confrontation, but there won't be any of that.
it's a big thing in one
sense - coming together at last - but not in another : just
common-sense all round.
we've been stirring the pot ever more furiously for some time : we simply stop, reconsider, and proceed more sensibly.
all opposition will be silenced, shamed, heads hung low.
musicians of the world will rejoice : it's been long proclaimed that, while words divide, music unites. well, now, words and music are in harmony - and there's a fairy-tale, year-long, world-wide pageant to set the tone.
and there's a guide, obol, with a web-site .
feel free ! - and behave well.
yours ever obol


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