Friday, April 21

Re: Raymond C. Keyes/Courts is out of the office.

so, ray, i won't bother you much more. when you return to the office,
everyone on earth will be preparing to look in on the launch of the
millennial PAGEANT ASPHODEL in baltinglass 3rd may coming. some will be
there in person, the super has details of my ideas for the simple ceremony
: garda ray hughes delivers me near statue, i walk enquiringly through
ranks of supporters and doubters, then proceed, not to the courthouse,
where the judge is abdicating in my favour, but to the waiting cart or
carriage, with vanessa king mcfie in it, waiting to launch the pageant,
indicating global permission for a new voluntary start to be made in full
view of everyone, in peace. i leave it and you there. my friends will have to come and drink tea with me, by my fireside. that will be a change.


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