Thursday, April 27

sunday 23rd -- what am i (obolworld) ?

i am a centre of human consciousness, located in a pattern in our
understanding as a particular human frame, one of a reasoning species of
primate. the likes of me are now in the process of integration, after a
long period of division. centres of human consciousness like me are now
freely exchanging information and ideas, on a basis of NO COERCION ! , for
the free benefit of one and all. we are accepting our bodily fates more
readily, as understanding, fellow-feeling is evident on all sides....we
find ourselves lost in love for all this. the species comes of age !!!!
making the best of everything always having endless educational fun
facing climatic freakings together, calmly, the price to pay for having
pushed it so far. wonderfully understanding, compassionate, healing.
what we most of us dream of being now the norm



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