Wednesday, April 5

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dear Ray,
you should have a copy of my 1966 book PEACE ON EARTH in your
keeping , since the summer 1996, re a charge brought against me for esb,
eventually like all charges against me, withdrawn/dismissed. the naas
district ct clerk should have one too, since a serious charge brought
against my son Stephen was withdrawn/dismissed, on my appearance as christ
and cancellation for ever of that court (since then illegal in obolworld,
and knowingly KNOWINGLY SO. the clerk has a number of papers of mine. My
local rector, a certain declan smith, nice older-middle-aged fellow, done
time in east africa or some such, used to the natives, u no, well he has a
lot of my stuff too. also i registered as messiah on the first census after
my self-discovery late september ad 1977, some 28 and more years a g o.
then i registered as messiah on entering the holy portals of mountjoy
(whither consign bertie ahern and cronies, for their own safwty...the
population is hereby released from bondage, and only constrained by common
sense, and my own coercive COMMANDMENT which is NO COERCION ! ), LATE NOVEMBER 1978A D and confessed same to the chief of the CENTRAL MENTAL place on the way to Dundrum, and he shook my hand and wished me well, doubting if i'd succeed....well today proves him wrong, cos here i am in my home giving guide-lines for my fellows as we all at once enter the sapient earthly paradise "of obol" to distinguish it from others, all of which if perfect and sapient it embraces automatically, as bits of mercury on a tray.......

ray, this is it. no one will ever come for me with physical force,
believe u me they have tried, and MY WIFE DIED UNDER THE STRAIN i as
hugh can never forgive that, i in principle never want to see again many
who knew and stayed with the prevailing lot. even as hugh i wish them well,
out of my knowing. let no one ever suggest to me that i do not christ all is forgiven
~ obol

ray, drop everything, and drive here , now, with any othes who will come.
it's you or the next man i inform WHICH IS IT ? no problem, i wait to
see. hugh sacker 045 404049


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In his own words

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