Tuesday, April 4


the biblical moses, having gorged his followers in the wilderness on the
blood of their brothers - divine inspiration - then gave them a dying
command : to gorge themselves on the blood of the inhabitants of a fertile
land........and today ?


Anonymous gillies said...

the unprincipled desert upstart yahweh directed the nomads to the 'promised land' - omitting to mention that it belonged not to him but the goddesses of the land of the canaanites. usual wannabe imperialist tactics. ethnic cleansing etc.

no doubt there will be no retreat from israel 'until the job is done.' but yahweh's younger alter-ego allah is not proving cooperative. god is thus two persons in one split personality.

yahweh and allah are two aspects of god - both merciful but both bound not to give in.


9:51 a.m., April 04, 2006  

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