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IN THE LEGENDARY HISTORY OF THE ISRAELITES , seemingly largely dreamt up in babylonian captivity - a historical event - when the israelites were in danger of merging with their captors, exodus is the name for the escape from captivity in egypt, led by moses....a foundation event, connected with the passover, which in the story preceded the flight. (My friend gillies macbain thinks moses may have been an egyprian priest, leader of a heretical sect of monotheists, who fled with his followers. it fits, but may not be true for all that....reconstructions are ever tenuous. he seems to think that religious understanding went wrong with momotheism - in my book a projection of the hubristic human ego, now doomed))

but this start of the public PAGEANT ASPHODEL , DUE TO ENCIRCLE THE GLOBE IN THE COMING 12 MONTHS, is admittedly my family's exodus from the trap of this survival fortress of "the present" in this townland of knockandarragh, where we dug in 28 years ago, and now break out to fill the news columns of the world.


Anonymous gillies said...

it was sigmund freud who said that moses was not
jewish, i think. not my suggestion originally.

obviously too much to argue in less than a book, and
a second to contradict it -

but note - jesus, iesous, is a greek name.

moses, as in tutmoses iii, is an egyptian name.

'out of egypt i have called my son.'

no one ever mentions the agricultural raison d'etre for
the hebrews in egypt -
if the nile flooded erratically, the crops were destroyed.
the nomadic graziers were needed to clean up the mess
and fertilise the ground for the next attempt.

if the nile flooded at the right time, the egyptians harvested
bumper crops. the nomadic graziers were a nuisance once they
had done a bit of stubble grazing..

the bible, homer, shakespeare, are seldom true or false -
usually composite. like the character of irish brigid / saint
bridget. history is a subset of literature.

the 114th psalm ia a hymn of akhenaten, the monotheist
pharoah. monotheism is not a 'mistake' - just overdone,
that's all. as is monarchy, monorails. monologue etc.

hugh for messiah, camilla for queen. why get uptight about
that ? just don't give them too much power, that's all.


9:39 a.m., April 04, 2006  
Blogger obol said...

- i don't seek any power, and i doubt if camilla does

9:42 a.m., April 04, 2006  

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