Thursday, September 14

the mythic war of christ with the world

Fri, 8 Sep 2006 14:32:43 +0100

dear alison, i have nothing personal against you or anyone else. i believe absolutely in the inviolability of the person, and dissociate myself utterly from physical coercion (the forcing by individual or group of her/his/their will on anyone else at all against the will of that other person no matter on what pretext, nor especially with the agreement of most or all members of a coercive group that they must so coerce whenever for the good of all, etc) . i can see and debate how our troubled species may find all the worrying problems that beset us now resolved to the delight and fulfilment of all - if only my fellows would treat the p o s s i b i l i t y that one of them has stumbled upon the answers (like other pioneers before) and lived with them now for 29 years amongst you - learning all about your resistance to the ideas year by year, hour by hour, till , alison sedgwick of the london g u a r d i a n, it comes to my typing this ultimatum to an unkown lady of a highly and widely respected media institution, rather worldly successor of the m a n c h e s t e r guardian of cp (?) scott, one of the most justly famous of all newspaper editors. i'm a birmingham lad myself, of the blackheath family of george potts sons, edge-tool makers in the works in the field where my mother grew up , long since buried in quinton cemetery, my grandfather and later my uncle cecil would have travelled to manchester on business. in the international wing of the new dublin gaol which i visited recently i discovered from people of all races that manchester is fondly thought of today...especially when compared to d u b l i n. and in a couple of weeks i expect a visit from my mixed-race cousin joseph potts, who lives in birmingham.

even tho it starts a scramble i am prepared, i have prepared the police and the district.
i have devised a global pageant to divert attention in the most delightful way to their/our p a r a d i s a l state.

head in hands ??? don't know whether to laugh or cry ?? like an acid trip """

give up alison whoever you are and come yourself now, leaving note on desk, grabbing cash and flying to dublin, hiring car and first come first served others have to wait turn won't be hurried ring of cameras round townland no penetration any found are outlaws will be stripped and mercilessly returned to the rest for judgment no credit no pornography tolerated inside that townland boundary paradise starts here and when featured lifts all hearts at once, amazement universal ok
what the hell are you waiting for now ??? permission ? k a f k a
walk in,
all welcome
price paid.


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