Thursday, September 7

the monomania of hugh/obol

"Forgive me", i wrote. "For what ?" you replied.

It is my monomania that sets me apart, as i suggest (in their ways) it did jesus/christ or gautama/buddha.

It may yet prove the salvation of the species.

I think we three (and unspecified others) discovered the bliss of a different experience of life on earth from that customary around us, and completely integrated it with everything known in the society of our various times. And i think the present instance of this phenomenon is the final one in the series, and should logically result in the entire species together discovering this experience and the reasoning that accompanies it. Then "all things will be made plain" in principle, and as daily life unrolls in continuous wonder and delight.

I accept no particular responsibility for it, or for any thought or deed of mine, nor do i attribute such responsibility to others. Blame and honour do not belong to humans in obolworld. What i do do is labour on until either my story flashes across the earth or death do me part, whichever comes first - but i doubt very much whether my story will have the imagined effect if only widely known after my death.

Forgive me.


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