Friday, September 8

condemnation of entire civilisation, e.g. guardian (london 14.35 6th sep eo29th)


GUILTY OF (UN-)REFINED HYPOCRISY thro and thro "pharisaic" whitened sepulchre etc

see emeil earlier today to guardian's foreign editor, arising from (un-)refined pornographic interest in natasha's "plight" and subsequent exploitation - instead of common cause" with such a wonderfully educated and intelligent young woman, from whom we have so much to learn, as she mingles with them from the taint of whose corruption he secluded her, preserving an earlier model of young womanhood that those fashionable in an openly corrupt world since.

Q. WHO SEES IT FROM HIS VISIONARY EYES ? ,saved "immaculate but not ignorant" she can surely teach us so much to our advantage....if we just took her back with reverence....REVERENCE 11111 REVERENCE do ye hear, ye corrupt pornographers. ours is a terribly CORRUPT SOCIETY a cancer on the earth A CANCER ON THE EARTH do ye hear ???DO YE??? either it now dies in transformation, the triumph of good over evil, of wisdom over folly etc, or it is killed as a healthy body (Gaia) must kill a growth that promised well but turned malignant, self-aggrandising at the host's expense to a threatening extent....and with us go much of life on earth, in global death-throes of our internecine species, forgetting all else in rivalry for goodies, no longer seeing the possible transcendental sense in it all....the very predicted point, when all seems black, that the globally ultimate light shines forth, transfiguring the entire scene. ok ? fellows......will ye join in my birthday celebrations this year, or must i taunt you longer...i will surely do so till ye recognise my claim to be heard understand? this is not blackmail, this is above board....this is permitted to the living messiah demanding recognition from a people living in darkness.

this appears on my blogspot very soon. when outsiders check on my blogsite, they read this, and THEN THE BALLOON GOES UP, my friends. i struggle to survive till then and help my kids and their kids, all of whom in your terms my special responsibility - but in my terms YOURS,,,,,,,other-interest prevailing. such a change for us all, and not least my beleaguered and obstinately affectionate progeny....thank alma.


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