Thursday, September 7

Subject: President Bush's horizon

Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 8:06 PM

The "civilised world" in which we live is not an ultimate, any more than any of the many and various cultures which have made and do make it up. From within it may seem so, but to one who knows it well and has stepped outside, everything points to its present collapse. Whether we face annihilation or transformation is the question many would like to see addressed. I myself have elaborated the transformation i hold logical and satisfying for nearly 30 years now, without media interest. It seems to me the media are content to go over and over the same ground indefinitely, and ever more pessimistically - just so long as it sells. But I repeat "our (so-called) civilised world is not an ultimate", and when we face this obvious truth, the mood may lighten..


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