Thursday, September 14

guilt of guardian

"I've always had the inverse quote to Godard : film lies 24 times a second" he (De Palma) says, "And anybody that's used to using moving images like a film director, when we see stuff on TV, it's all positioning and public relations, there's not an ounce of truth to any of it I always look behing the image and say , "why are we seeing children with flies on their eyes this week?" Those images are always out there. Like the war in Iraq. If you think Americans are ignorant, it's because we're not seeing anything. We're constantly being manipulated by images (( a n d w o r d s ~obol)). They're lying to us all the time. We have no idea what we're doing".

so, Alison, another nutter. and how creditable it is that the Guardian reports this, while continuing in the farce described ?? that's what i call (un-)(re-)fined hypocrisy, the ultimate lie....its only divine) justification that it's so blatant that , to open eyes it carries only dead weight. o b o l w o r l d by contrast is the life of the world, the rebirth, damaged but wise, knowledgeable, fearless, paying no inner respect to media , politicians, or vested privilege of any sort. what a nutter !! ~all criminally insane recognise a sane wizard? how even conceive it?


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