Thursday, September 14

collapse of liberal democracy world-wide
Sat, 9 Sep 2006 12:24:39 +0100

the power to wage war, which in a liberal democracy so many bestow upon so few, has been cruelly abused. it tempted an american neo-con global putsch, whose apparently irresistible success tempted the british prime minister - and great portions of our fellows fell for it - as they did on the apparent success of a previous german dictator - when i was being rescued from the disastrous aftermath of the socalleGreat War , which prospered manufacturing in the heart of industrialism, tempting my father to join in the pickings, then turning sour and ruining him and his young wife and family.

we all have our stories, and if we see a rosy past or future in the world of liberal democracy , we deceive ourselves. privately, most people today are in despair, despair of the future of our species, either competing for pickings of the carcase or just trying desperately to cling on to traces of a vanishing normality.

you will , probably, prefer to publish letters exclusively addressed to you, o letters editor, but every email of mine of any public interest goes automatically on to my blog site, thus [providing for anyone interested almost anywhere on earth a remarkable running account of my present campaign for what why, to be heard, do you understand ? you know well that terrorists resort to terror only when they are not listened to as equal human beings wirth a viewpoint different from that of those who will not listen to them.

me. you will not listen to me. i offer a non-violent satisfactory answer to your every dilemma. you will not listen..

do you see yet why i regard the Guardian as dead exposed along with bush and blair for what you are ::: a contributory part of that which we abhor. ????

i abhor bullying, cruelty, self-righteousness, inequality, having to conform in order to be listened to.....u name it i give you my opinion why not enquire ???????


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