Tuesday, September 19

Re: invitation renewed

yes. most everyone, including neighbours, "prefer to keep their distance" ' but you are the one to put it into words. And most everyone has something else to do. thus the paradigms appear and self-incapsulate. as ever hugh/obol


Blogger obol said...

mean it's right you should not give in easily, but to this suitor for this occasion ..... we are but actors in a divine drama before all the world alma is gone i imagine passing deputies the representatives of lady hood, of womanhood, of the sisterhood. which as a man i value above my own sex. but children higher and all life equally in truth in love in logic and in peace pageant asphodel awaits a starting signal from out there a push to get it rolling everything is ready just now 23rd/24th this month 29 years later to the moment recall re-enactment camera joseph potts ? role of a lifetime, of all-time of all-time of all-time it will be as it will be and it is good so amen obol

1:28 p.m., September 19, 2006  

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