Sunday, June 19


All these paragraphs on aspects of obol’s vision of our time as that in which a line is drawn in human history, between learning by not knowing but needing to know (our immaturity as a species), and the initially awesome if not awful realisation that we need to know no more in order to live optimally in this not yet fatally damaged paradise, which is our native home, all these paragraphs so far written or unwritten, simply exist to waken people’s minds to the possibility that all their problems have at last been solved in a human head, and as they pay attention , they will understand and rejoice. Endless aspects still remain needing clarification, and only in the heads of the coming generation can we expect to see unquestionable fulfilment. What happens next is PAGEANT ASPHODEL, a global 12-month voluntary pageant, in which all people everywhere will hopefully find themselves drawn in, a fairy-tale pageant, centering on a journey round the world of obol , meeting people of all sorts and discussing together anything and everything with only one pre-condition : no violence! Guide-lines for social behaviour in obolworld are provided for beginners in the formula, or code pll, lg, ic, where p stands for peace, l for logic, and l for love; l for local and g for global; i for impartial and c for compassionate. Understanding and good-will are required of all who would consider joining in the establishment of a society where coercion is not tolerated (inter-human coercion in the first place; it implies the liberation of other animals from servitude to us as well, but that may take a little longer). Pageant Asphodel was officially announced in the Dunlavin Courthouse in County Wicklow 25 th May ad 2004 as the opening event at a District Court session, and considerable information was then accepted by the District Court Clerk (Naas Courthouse), and has been supplemented since. The Garda Station in the local town of Baltinglass has much information also, as has the Church of Ireland Rector in Donard. Further references can be provided to those interested to research the early history of the ERA OF OBOL (on planet asphodel, previously known in english as planet earth) on enquiry : in nearly 28 years obol has been in touch with every person humanly possible, and left his trail. Furthemore there exists in the house in Knockandarragh a veritable museum of records, deliberately stored from the very first as evidence of the true circumstances and nature of this break-through. (Obol envisages his home, where it happened quite unexpectedly but undeniably logically, being preserved by his fellows "for all time" as near as possible just like it now is: thus was it, and not other!)


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